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In registering on indicIADes lies the proof of their commitment, not as an additional financial burden.
Speeches are useless. Only working in fields can bear the mark of the farmers’ determination to change practices, to feed people all over the world and to participate in the fight against climate change ... In the end, population will change the way they look at farmers.

On step ahead with IndicIADes .

26 indicators so as to evaluate agricultural practises and measure results instead of words.

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IndicIADes allows you to evaluate the results of your farm, to compare itself to best practices, to monitor its progress year after year. IndicIADes prepares tomorrow, by offering you the possibility of calculating your greenhouse gas emissions. But above all, IndicIADes also assesses your Carbon storage potential, because the capacity of agriculture to mitigate climate change is considerable.

Today will be too late

This assessment has to be made at once, to anticipate the next constraints that will be imposed on agriculture and to be able to speak with one voice.