Is the new version compatible with the previous ones ?

What's new ?

Do we have to declare our crops plot by plot ?


I lost my login credentials. How to recover them ?

I have lost my login. How to recover it ?

I changed my email address. How can I keep my account and all the data I have already integrated on indicIADes ?


How long does it take to complete the survey ?

Should the entire survey be fullfiled ?


IndicIADes is critized for its lack of transparency in the calculations. Is it correct ?

The margins (minimum and maximum) of the indicators are the same for everyone, regardless of the production system. Is it true ?

The results are too static and do not offer a dynamic vision.

How to interpret the results ?

I want to keep my results and my data. How to do ?

In the "Balance sheet C" Why is the 4/1000 balance not displayed ?

Why use TOE (Ton of Oil Equivalent) in the indicators ?

What is the interest of a label « Green Carbon Farm » ?

How to obtain the “Green Carbon Farm” label ?


Are you in compliance with the data protection rules of the European Directive?

How do you use the Data ?

How long do you keep the data for ?

Do I have a right to rectify or erase my data ?